This site tries to offer information and opinion not easily found in local news.

Turpin Labs can be deliberately provocative and occasionally latches leech-like onto a topic because pests are a necessary part of public discourse.

Turpin Labs CEO & “Dear Leader” Bill Turpin, with hat.

Turpin Labs is not real. As part of an imaginary lab, our legions of fiercely loyal employees and I enjoy the freedom to tackle any topic — and the right to be irresponsible.

That said, we do our best to get the facts right. Satire, etc., is labelled accordingly.

I am a published novelist, a lifelong ambition realized after decades of toiling in journalism and communications. My wife and I have also been in small business which, unbeknownst, apparently required a vow of poverty.

2 comments on “About

  1. Bill, didn’t know about your website! Rock on, old friend!


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